Monday, April 16, 2012

Little Miss Silver Spurs 2012 ~ Central Florida Photographer

Osceola county, Florida is home to the largest rodeo east of the Mississippi, the Silver Spurs Rodeo. The arena is located in Kissimmee, and every year a pageant is held at the arena (Osceola Heritage Park)for two different age groups, and two lucky ladies are chosen to represent the Silver Spurs. Each year, there is a Big Miss and a Little Miss crowned. The 2012 Little Miss, Courtney, comes from a rodeo family, and will represent the Spurs Club well. I have had the pleasure of knowing Courtney and her family for the past five years, and was honored when I was asked to take her pictures for some rodeo related publications. I am so happy for her, and hope she enjoys her year as Little Miss Silver Spurs. Congratulations to Courtney and all her court, and to Big Miss Silver Spurs and her court, also. If you've never experienced a rodeo, come in June (for more information visit the Silver Spurs Rodeo website) for a great show you'll never forget.


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