What about.......

Scheduling a time?    
Pick a time that works best for you, especially if you have young children. Also because we will be working with natural lighting, the best times are before noon or after 3pm. But I am able to work with your schedule and lighting, so if all you can do is noon, we can work with that. Newborns are typically photographed within the first few weeks following birth in the comfort of your home, working around their schedule. If you are looking to catch the sunset, than a time later in the evening would be best. Photography is not a nine to five job.

What look do you want?
Are you looking for formal or casual? Maybe a little bit of romance or fun? If so the attire needs to match. When choosing attire, make sure it is uniformal. You don't want everyone to be in white, and one person in orange. Darker colors look better on some, and white may make you look washed out. Pick shades that work best for you. When choosing what you are going to wear, make sure that it is simple, not with a lot of bold patterns or flashy colors that will draw attention away from what you want people to see most....your expressions. Soft colors, small patterns, and solids clothing work the best. If you need help with suggestions, don't hesitate to ask, I would be more than happy to help.

How long will it take for me to receive my finished CD?  
I try to get the CD and copyright usage statement back to you within the week we take the pictures. If pictures are for something with a deadline, it is best not to wait until the last minute, for that places unneeded stress on the photographer and the photographed.
What form of payment do you accept?
Payment is made the day of the photo shoot. I accept cash or check, and payments can also be made in advance to PayPal, if a cancellation is needed, payment through PayPal will be automatically refunded.

What if I have trouble getting my photos developed?
You will receive a copyright usage statement at the time the CD is given to you. As long as you have this statement with you when you develope the prints you want, then the photolab should not have a problem. This statement also has my contact information available if the photolab needs to call and verify.

What is natural lighting?
This is using the sun's natural light to provide the lighting for the shoot, versus a studio setup, containing backdrops and flash bulbs. I do use a flash (bounced mostly) when needed. But if the lighting is right, a flash won't be used at all. Sometimes using a flash can give the subject a washed out look, if not being used properly.